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Three words

Sustainability, Authenticity, and Empowerment. Be one with the planet, be one with yourself, be one with our global community. From these powerful foundations Light Years Away was born.


We use ECONYL®, a fabric made from regenerated nylon.
Through the treatment and regeneration of sources such as industrial plastic waste, fishing nets, and the remains of fabrics, nylon returns to its natural form and can thus be worked for various purposes - in our case super slick & strong activewear ;).

Our packages, in addition to being as small as possible, are compostable - this means that you can put them in your compost and they will disintegrate within 6 months. Our labels are made of seed paper, so you can plant them and see your contribution to the environment flourish. Our cards are made with recycled paper from brands certified with EU Ecolabel.


We produce all our pieces in a woman-run workshop with experienced tailors. All parts are designed and produced locally in order to reduce the environmental footprint of the transportation of our products.
We work hand in hand with our seamstresses in order to minimise the waste created and perfect all our pieces.
As such we can still ensure that all workers involved are treated in accordance with the ethical standards we uphold.


Light Years Away brings high grade clothing to you through a specific set of values - values which are a genuine representation of the beliefs of the Founders and LYA community. Through every word, every action, every item of workout gear the genuine essence of our authentic selves are communicated.
Wearing LYA means wearing the badge for a more Sustainable, Empowered, and Authentic world. Come slap on a badge and show that you too, believe in being one with the planet, one with yourself, and one with our global community.