Free Shipping Over 150€ to Portugal and Spain
Free Shipping Over 200€ Rest of Europe


Can I cancel my order?
Yes, as long as this hasn't been processed. Please and we'll let you know if the cancellation is possible.
Can I add more items to my previous order?
You can add more items to your order by completing an additional order. We'll ship them together if the previous order hasn't been processed. To make sure you're able to receive both orders at once, email us at
I've made a mistake inserting the delivery address
As soon as you are aware you've made a mistake, email us at If your order hasn't been processed, we'll try to change shipping address, however, we cannot promise we'll be able to.

Shipping and deliveries

How long until received my LYA order?

Our delivery time is dependent on the country and shipping method selected. However, you can check our estimated shipping time:

1. Portugal and Spain: 2 days

2. Azores and Madeira: 8 days

3. Europe: 5 days

4. US: 7 days

5. Others: 10 days

These times are an estimate and are dependent on the delivery company availability.

Due to COVID-19 some of these delivery times might be changed without notice.

How can I track my order?
When we ship your order, you'll be able to see a tracking code and will be able to monitor every step of the delivery process.
The tracking code I've received isn't working.
We kindly ask you to wait a few hours because sometimes it might take while before the tracking link is active. If after a day you still cannot track your order, please email us at

Returns and refunds

Can I return an order?

Yes, you can return an order as long as it is returned within 14 days of purchase. Your order will only be eligible for refund if:

The item(s) do not present any evidence of being used (smell, stains or usage marks). The item(s) still have the tags attached and sealed. The item(s) has not suffered alterations. Check our full returns and refunds policy in our Terms and Conditions

How to return my order?
You can either drop it off in our office or you can ship it back to us. Please email us at help@lyasportswear.comso we can arrange your return.
Do I have to pay to return my order?
If your returned items had some type of production defect we are sorry and will reimburse you in full, otherwise we will reimburse you the full amount of the items minus any shipping and handling fees.
Other discounts and final sales
If you bought your item on sale or with a discount this item will not be eligible for return or refund. We strongly advise you check the sizing table to make sure you won't have sizing issues.