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Why do we model our own photos?

Why do we model our own photos?

Body positivity

We’re effing tired of seeing society glorify the same features over and over again. We’re all way too beautiful and diverse to be hidden way.
We model our shoots because we are NOT models and let’s be honest, most of us aren’t.

Being vulnerable

Being in front of a camera is quite vulnerable especially when you do everything else as well. We create the designs, we wear them, we are the brand and the brand is us. 

Connecting with you

We’re not a big corporation. We’re 2 sisters with a wish and we’re just human like you. We want you to see us as people and not a brand. As we said, LYA is us and we are LYA.


Modelling our own shoots allows us to reduce the price of our gear and this is the only way we can have the quality we have at the prices we practice

Creating a community

We want to continue inviting real women to be part of our shoots and we want those women to be you. It didn’t make sense to us to have our clients model but not us, so hopefully soon, you’ll be standing next to us while the flashes go off

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