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The 3 Reasons You're Not Achieving Your Fitness Goals

It's frustrating we know. You keep eating right, hitting your workouts and the months go by and those results just don't come. We've all been there and trust us we know how discouraging it might be.

The good news is: you are not alone and there is definitely a way of getting those results!

As humans, we tend to avoid the uncomfortable truth but that is exactly what allows you to grow and achieve your goals! So we challenge you to ask yourself, how are you setting yourself up to be consistent? So many of us do so well in the beginning of a new habit but as time goes on we skip the habit once or twice or a whole week or month and all of the sudden the habit has disappeared. Does this sound relatable? The key is not to rely on self discipline but have systems that work for you!

Another key question you have to ask yourself is why do you want to achieve these goals? You need to have goals that are aligned with your identity and that make sense for you. A key way to do this is to have goals that resonate with you deeply and have a positive outlook instead of only superficially and coming from a negative place ("I want to exercise everyday because I want to be happier and healthier so I can enjoy a better quality of life" vs "I want to exercise everyday because I hate the way I look and want to look better").

Finally, if you are being consistent and have the right mindset then the last key question you have to answer is if the workout and diet plans you are doing are aligned with your goals and suited to you. There's misinformation in the fitness industry to last a lifetime, so don't believe everything you see. For example, if you want to tone up (lose fat and gain muscle - having a leaner look), doing HIIT workouts on certain phases of your cycle might actually increase your cortisol levels and make you turn on fat storage and lose lean muscle mass. This is way it's so important to have a structured and personalised plan.

In order to achieve your fitness goals all you have to do is stay consistent, keep the right mindset and have your plan work for you and not against you.

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