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5 cardio alternatives to running

5 cardio alternatives to running

If you’re anything like me you despise running. I know despising is a strong word but I really cannot. That feeling of almost dying drenched in sweat just doesn’t tickle my fancy. So, read on and find out how I implement cardio even without any running included

Dance dance dance

Put on the biggest banger you can find and dance to it. Who says that dancing in your living room isn’t exercising? Get that heart rate up and dance it out.

Walk your dog

Did you know that running or walking 10km burns the exact same amount of calories? The only difference is the time it takes. Get your favourite podcast on, put on your best walking shoes, leash your furry buddy, and off you go!


Is there anything that beats the feeling of getting your whole body submerged in water? Swimming is a great cardio exercise and also it’s super low impact, your joints and muscles won’t have any added pressure!


Ok, I said I didn’t like the feeling of almost dying drenched in sweat and now I’m suggesting HIIT… The thing is that HIIT can be a lot of fun, especially when it doesn’t last too long (amen to that).


Get your sweat on while getting your stress out. I LOVE all fighting sports because they really get you moving and break a sweat while you feel strong and powerful AF.

What’s your favourite?

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