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How to slow down time

Do you feel like that every year goes by faster than the previous? Do far away dates spring up on you? As we get older, it seems that time just goes by quicker. There’s a few possible explanations ...
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Why do we model our own photos?

Body positivity We’re effing tired of seeing society glorify the same features over and over again. We’re all way too beautiful and diverse to be hidden way. We model our shoots because we are NO...
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5 cardio alternatives to running

Explore some fun alternatives to running if you like me, don't like running but still want to get all the benefits from cardiovascular endurance training!
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What is cellulite after all?

Let’s address the elephant in the room - that orange peel appearance on your legs, mine, queen B’s and Rihanna’s - cellulite. Find out what cellulite actually is and how the media has turned it int...
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